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How to Handle a Clogged Sewer

May 11, 2015 Contributor

Handle Clogged SewerDealing with plumbing problems in your home is never ideal. These can certainly wreak havoc on any of your days. It’s important to know how to understand how to deal with certain types effectively and to help you get immediate results. Knowing how to manage a clogged sewer may just be on the list of things you need to understand.

Determine the cause

There is a variety of reasons that your sewer may be clogged. This problem could be due to tree roots that have spread out in your sewer line and created problems.

Another reason could be putting harsh chemicals down your drains that may contribute to pipe erosion. It’s ideal to determine what is causing your sewer line to clog in the first place.

Fixing the problem

It may be necessary to rely on a professional plumber to repair the issue with your clogged sewer. This is a much better alternative than digging up your yard to try and pinpoint the problem on your own.

A professional has the right equipment to see how clogged your sewer line is, and this is critical to getting it unclogged.

One way this is done is by placing a high-def camera inside the line of your sewer to see exactly what is going on there. This can determine the extent of the clog and will be helpful in knowing how much work is necessary to fix it.

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