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Is Your Plumbing safety to Use?

January 31, 2013 admin

Plumbing SafetyFrom delivering the water used for drinking, cooking, and cleaning to bringing in the natural gas for heat and use in appliances, residential plumbing systems perform a variety of functions. However, a problem in your plumbing system can cause serious health and safety concerns for everyone living in your home. Our Crown Point plumbers at Reichelt Plumbing can help you identify the signs of plumbing safety problems and determine what you should look out for when it comes to plumbing concerns.


If you smell natural gas or if the water from any of your fixtures has a bad or unusual odor, there may be a problem within your plumbing system. Sewer odors could also indicate a problem in your sewer line or drainage pipes.

Water Leaks

Dampness, the sound of dripping or running water, or the growth of mold and mildew are indications of water leaks. Water leaks can occur at any place in and around your home, from the floors and ceilings to the walls and foundation. Left unfixed, a water leak can lead to serious structural damage, mold growth, and rot in your walls and floors.

Lead Poisoning

Homes with older plumbing systems may have higher than acceptable levels of lead in the water due to corrosion and wear and tear on the pipes over many years of use. Lead pipes, lead-based solder, chrome, or brass plumbing fixtures can allow lead to leach into the drinking water.


Old, faulty plumbing systems can allow contamination to enter the potable water. Residents of a home with contaminated water might develop intestinal illnesses and have other health problems. Common sources of pollution include seepage from farms or septic tanks, ponds, and other sources of water runoff.

At Reichelt Plumbing, we follow life safety standards to ensure that all homes are safe to occupy and that all plumbing systems are in optimal working condition. We offer plumbing maintenance, emergency repairs, and basic installations for new plumbing fixtures to prevent health and safety problems. For an expert inspection or prompt repair service, call us today at (219) 322-4906.

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