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Look Out For These 10 Common Causes of Plumbing Leaks

February 20, 2020 Contractor2020

Water is an essential part of our home. We drink it, we cook with it, and we use it to clean. But water can also have a more devious side. Every year, water damage costs homeowners millions of dollars. Often, this destruction can begin with a small leak.


One of the best ways to prevent damage to your home is being aware of how water can end up in places it shouldn’t.

Here are 10 common causes of plumbing leaks

  1. Frozen pipes – Winter can be a dangerous time for your plumbing. Pipes in uninsulated spaces or close to exterior walls can freeze and burst, resulting in severe water damage in your home.
  2. Root blockage in sewer line – The sewer line is the pipe that transports what you put down the drain out to the sewage system. Sometimes, tree roots can grow into this underground pipe, which causes a blockage or a leak. One sign you have a root intrusion is soggy soil along the path of the sewer pipe.
  3. Worn-out fixtures – Sink faucets and showerheads don’t last forever. If a fixture is dripping, you may just need to replace a rubber part that’s worn out. Of course, if it’s a more serious leak you’re better off replacing the old fixture with a new one.
  4. Unsealed toilet – If a toilet isn’t installed properly or misused, the wax seal that connects the toilet to the drainpipe can become damaged or loose. A telltale sign is water leaking out from the base of the toilet after you flush.
  5. Old, corroded pipes – Copper and galvanized steel pipes have a tendency to break down over time due to minerals in the water. Look out for rust, signs of corrosion, or pinhole leaks.
  6. High water pressure – Low water pressure can ruin an enjoyable shower. But water pressure that’s too high (above 60 psi) can put extra stress on your plumbing system. Slowly but surely, high water pressure can result in a leaky or broken pipe.
  7. Damaged pipe joints – When pipes deteriorate, the first spot to go is usually the joints – where two pipes are connected. Over time, the seals can break down and a leak will occur.
  8. Drain clog – At first, a clogged sink or tub drain can just be annoying. But if you ignore the clog or try to clear it when harsh chemical drain cleaners, it could lead to the pipes deteriorating and eventually leaking.
  9. Improper installation – When a plumbing system isn’t installed correctly (either by a DIY homeowner or unqualified plumber), it’s only a matter of time until a problem arises. Using a licensed plumber usually saves you more money in the long run.
  10. Garbage disposal – If your garbage disposal is leaking from the top of the canister under the sink, then the flange or plumber’s putty steal may be worn out, which is an easy fix. But if the leak is coming from the bottom of the disposal, then you may need to replace the entire unit.

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