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Overflown Toilet: Who to Call in Northwest Indiana & South Cook County, IL

November 16, 2018 Contributor
Illustration of a toilet overflowing. Reichelt Plumbing, Inc.

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At some point in your life, you are going to experience a clogged toilet. This is the least glamorous topic ever, without a doubt, but it’s a true statement. If you have never dealt with one before and you’re home alone when it happens, you need to know who to call to come to your aid before the water spreads everywhere. If you live in Northwest Indiana, the good news is that you have someone to call 24 hours a day! Reichelt Plumbing, Inc. is here for you 24/7 in any instance where you need emergency plumbing services. Before we arrive, here’s what you can do in the meantime.

Immediately Turn Off Your Home’s Water Supply

If the water has already started to overflow, or you know it’s heading in that direction at a rapid speed, you need to turn off the toilet’s water supply at once. To do this, you need to first look on the bottom back of the toilet bowl – is there a valve? If you see it, turn it counterclockwise – this is the valve that supplies water to the entire toilet. If the toilet keeps having access to more water, the situation will only get worse. If you are not home or present when the overflow occurs, you could be faced with water damage that may need to be addressed, if it’s extreme enough.

Stop the Toilet From Continuing to Run

The next step after the water has been shut off is to prevent the toilet from continuing to run. If you were not able to locate the valve beforehand, this is the step you must continue to. You need to remove the lid of the toilet to lift the float mechanism attached to the chain, as that is what allows the toilet to keep running. If the water still continues to run after this, you need to act quickly to turn off your home’s entire water supply. As mentioned before, cutting off the source of water will at least prevent a non-stop stream of damage from an overflowing toilet.

Call Us Immediately in a Plumbing Emergency

At Reichelt Plumbing, Inc., we bring you 24/7 availability for instances just like this one. Plumbing emergencies are certainly stressful, and we’re here to help. Take these two simple steps – shut off the water and then call us – and wait for us to arrive at your property. As a team of experts, we’re able to get into any job right away to deliver the services you need. Many times overflowing toilets are caused by clogs, so we’ll arrive fully-equipped to remove it and get your toilet functioning properly again. You have nothing to worry about for your Northwest Indiana area home. Call us whenever you need us at (219) 322-4906. We are based in Schererville, IN and serve all of Northwest Indiana, as well as South Cook County in Illinois.

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