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Sump Pump Maintenance is Vital to Keep Your Basement Dry

February 16, 2017 Contributor

sump pumpThe difference between staying dry and being up to your neck in water this winter is a working sump pump. You do not want to find out your sump pump is not working during a major storm or thaw. A flooded basement could cost you big time! Regular sump pump maintenance is easy and cost effective. Here are a few common areas of your pump you can check to keep yourself and your home dry.


Sump pumps are not pulling water from a crystal clear stream. It is common for a significant amount of dirt and debris to accumulate in sump pump filters and liners. Thankfully, it is very simple to mitigate clogged filters. Clear debris from sump pump liners and run hot water through your filters on a regular basis. For a deeper cleaning, you can use a brush to scrub away residue and ensure an unobstructed water flow. Avoid harsh chemicals and detergents to prolong the life of your sump pump.


Your discharge hose can become backed up just like your filters. Be sure to check these hoses have ample free flow. Another common oversight is discharging pumped water in an inappropriate area where it can flow back toward your basement. To check this, run some water through your sump pump and inspect the discharge direction. The best case is to discharge water into a municipal storm drain.

Power Supply

Your sump pump may be in perfect working condition, but with an inadequate power supply you will never know it. Check the power supply while performing your other routine maintenance. Be sure you disconnect power while servicing your sump pump. If you also use battery backups, be sure to disconnect these before working on your system as well. Reconnect when finished. Test the pump under battery backup power and your primary power supply once you have completed maintenance to ensure it is working as expected.

Stay dry this wet season by taking the time to perform routine sump pump maintenance or ask an expert you can trust. Our team members at Reichelt Plumbing are your go-to sump pump maintenance experts. For excellent service, contact us at (219) 322-4906 today.

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