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The Best Ways to Clean a Grease Trap

October 8, 2016 Contributor

The Best Ways to Clean a Grease TrapIt may be one of the more stomach-turning devices in or around the kitchen, but it’s also one of the most important. The Grease Trap is truly an unsung hero, and by separating solids and fats from your wastewater, keeps things running as smoothly as possible in your kitchen.

But the heroics of the grease trap can quickly turn to emergency disaster if this important tool is not cared for properly and cleaned regularly. But even experienced kitchen staff may not know the best ways to clean a grease trap to keep things flowing free – so here are some handy tips on the best ways to clean a grease trap:

Make Sure Your Establishment is Absent of Patrons

Cleaning a grease trap isn’t pretty and doesn’t smell great – and it’s something you definitely don’t want the public to see. Be sure to schedule your cleanings before business hours begin or after closing to prevent any kind of unintended backlash from customers.

Have a Bucket Handy

Generally, you can clean grease traps by following a few easy steps: remove the water; remove the grease, fats, oils, and solids; scrub down screens and surfaces; and replace the water. And while that may seem easy on paper, it is a very physical and painstaking process that can easily turn into a multi-hour affair. It’s also extremely messy, and should only be approached by those with experience in cleaning grease traps.

Be Sure to Measure FOG Levels

Many cities, counties, and states require or request commercial businesses with grease traps to measure the levels of Fats, Oils, and Grease caught in their grease traps before flushing. If you’re taking on the job of cleaning your grease trap yourself, be sure to follow applicable guidelines for your business.

When in Doubt, Enlist the Services of a Pro

Grease Traps are just like many of the other items in your kitchen: costly, temperamental, and absolutely essential to the process of keeping your kitchen running smoothly. If you fear that things with your grease trap have gotten to the point of concern, or you’re just not confident in your ability to properly clean and care for it, the knowledge and skills of a professional are your best weapon against a great grease trap nightmare.

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