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This Is How Your Septic System Works

September 26, 2018 Contributor
Repairman servicing a septic system. Reichelt Plumbing.

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If you are like many people, you know that your home has a septic system that disposes of waste from your home. But, you probably have no idea how it works. That is perfectly okay. If you have ever been curious, here is an in-depth look at how your septic system works, as provided by the Environmental Protection Agency.

The Waste Drains From Your Home

Your septic system is not just responsible for the water that comes from your toilets. Many people associate a septic system solely with waste removal, and that is not the case. All of your home’s water and waste are carried to your septic system through one singular pipe. It lands in your septic tank, a vessel that is buried on your property and holds all forms of waste until it breaks down and forms a sludge-like material. The oil and other greases separate.

It Moves to the Drainfield

Every septic system has a drainfield where the eventual “effluent,” or wastewater, will be discharged. The drainfield is located further away and is an underground, though shallower, structure that is made specifically in unsaturated soil. The wastewater that has been treated already makes its way down to the drainfield, and the unsaturated soil does the rest of the work from there.

The Soil Purifies

In absorbing the wastewater, the soil treats and essentially purifies the water as it makes its way through it. The soil removes all harmful bacteria and viruses and becomes benign, normal groundwater. This is the final stage of the septic process; it may seem simple, however the slightest malfunction can mean major issues for your home and the environment, and should be resolved immediately.

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