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Top 5 Ways to Know when Your Water Lines Need Replacement in Schererville, IN

March 29, 2018 Contributor

Your home’s plumbing system is quite complex. That is why a professional plumber is typically called in for repairs, installations, and routine maintenance. You, as the homeowner, can watch for telltale signs of plumbing trouble to alleviate some trouble, though. Some signs are obvious. When your water line needs replacement, consider these five warning signs.

Water Discoloration

If you spot a rust-colored tint in your water, you may have an issue with the water line. This discoloration occurs when the pipes you have begin to corrode, or when dirt and soil enter the pipes through cracks in the lining.

Soggy Lawn

A soggy lawn is an obvious sign of a cracked or burst water line. If your area has not experience rain recently, watch for soggy or damp spots on your lawn. The leak is typically just under the surface and could worsen if left unattended.

Low Water Pressure

A significant drop in water pressure throughout the house typically means the water line is leaking at an alarming rate. Now, there are other reasons for low water pressure, but a water line is the most common experienced by homeowners.

Increased Water Bill

Each month you should receive a water bill. A smart homeowner keeps track of each month’s bills and how much they spent on water. If you notice the bill is beginning to climb in price, you may have a water line leak.


While rust-colored water is the first sign of corrosion, you can spot actual corrosion with a quick visual inspection. You may not be able to see the water line itself but consider visually inspecting the visible components. Most pipes are made of copper, which is typically resistant to rust. Some older homes are more susceptible, though.

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