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Top Ten Benefits to Cleaning with Vinegar

June 13, 2017 Contributor

Cleaning with VinegarYou might not have any idea that there are so many options when it comes to cleaning with vinegar, but there are almost an unlimited number of ways that humble vinegar can help make your home spotless. Whether you’re looking for ways to spruce up your kitchen, bedroom or any other part of the house, vinegar can do the trick. Here are the top 10 ways you can use it.

Cleaning With Vinegar Tip No. 1 – The Refrigerator

Use a solution of half vinegar and half water to make your refrigerator as fresh as the day you first brought it home. This is one of the most effective methods of cleaning with vinegar that there is.

No. 2 – Cleaning Cups

You can use a mix of baking soda (or salt) and vinegar to have your teacups or coffee cups looking like new.

No. 3 – Getting Rid of Odors

Vinegar is also a great way to eliminate owners from trashcans. Simply dampen a cloth and scrub the inside of the container and those nasty odors will be a distant memory.

No. 4 – Killing Germs

The bathroom is notorious for being a breeding ground to potentially dangerous germs. Pour some vinegar in a spray container and use it around the tub and sink. Wipe it off with a damp cloth and your bathroom will not only be clean but also safe.

No. 5 – Keeping Clothes Fresh

If you have shirts with underarm stains due to deodorant, rub some vinegar into the stain and then wipe clean with a cloth.

No. 6 – Cleaning Your Toilet

Like your bathroom sink and tub, the toilet can be a source of germs. Pour about a cup of white vinegar (make sure it’s distilled) into the toilet bowl and let it sit for a few hours. Flush after scrubbing with a toilet brush.

No. 7 – Carpet Stains

Cleaning with vinegar isn’t limited to the kitchen or bathroom. You can mix baking soda and vinegar, rub it into a carpet stain, and then vacuum the next day. Test the mixture on an out-of-the-way spot of the carpet to make sure it won’t affect the color.

No. 8 – Cleaning Your Paint Brush

If you have any doubt about how strong vinegar can be, all you need to know is that it can take old paint off a brush. Simply put your brushes in a vinegar-filled pot on the stove. Let them soak for about an hour before you turn the stove on and bring the vinegar to a mild simmer. Once the pot cools off, simply drain it and rinse the brushes.

No. 9 – Faucet Cleaning

Lime buildup is not only unsightly, but it can also lead to other problems that make it hard for your faucet to work the way it should. Mix a teaspoon of vinegar with two tablespoons of salt, apply to a cloth and wipe the faucet clean.

No. 10 – Clearing Drain Clogs

You can even pour some vinegar down a drain to clear a minor obstruction. Wait a few hours and run water to see if the clog clears up.

There are some instances where cleaning with vinegar won’t be enough, such as when there’s a substantial drain clog. Call Reichelt Plumbing at (219) 322-4906 or (708) 856-8518 or contact us online to schedule an appointment.

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