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Updating Your Home for Accessible Living

April 9, 2013 admin

Updating Home Accessible LivingWhen it comes to remodeling homes in Crown Point, “universal design” is the new buzzword. Homeowners want to ensure that their renovation projects allows them to enjoy their homes for as long as they live in them. Plumbing remodeling projects that update your home for accessible living are becoming increasing popular in the area and across the country. A skilled Crown Point plumber from the pros at Reichelt Plumbing can help you create an environment that adapts to changing needs for seniors or for family members with physical challenges.

Simple & Affordable Solutions

Universal design solutions include new plumbing fixtures and accessories that improve accessibility without breaking the bank. Because many of us cope with arthritis as we age, new fixtures and features like sink faucets, door knobs, and cabinet knobs designed for people with reduced mobility are important additions. Today’s high-tech faucets include motion-sensor models that offer touch-free operation. There are also faucets are available that activate with a light touch.

Prevent Injuries in the Shower

Falls are primary cause of injuries in the bathroom, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). One CDC study found that four out of five injuries treated in emergency departments related to bathroom accidents resulted from falling.

The right plumbing remodeling can significantly reduce the risk of falling. Effective bathroom upgrades include:

  • Eliminating the need to step into a shower with a roll-in shower installation.
  • Installing multiple showerheads at various heights.
  • Including a fold-down seat in the shower remodel.
  • Adding grab bars to the shower walls.
  • Installing shower heads with scald-protection mechanisms.

Reachable Goals

Thoughtful home improvement projects include renovations that make it easier to reach items on countertops.

  • A raised dishwasher makes kitchen clean up easier.
  • An elevated toilet can help prevent slips and falls.

From installing a sink in the bathroom with knee clearance to lowering kitchen countertops, remodeling offers multiple opportunities to ensure that everything stays within reach as needs change.

Reichelt Plumbing offers an array of products and services that ensure your home remodeling projects provide satisfaction for many years to come. For more information about accessible living improvements, call us today at (219) 322-4906.

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