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Water Heater Maintenance and Problems

January 25, 2015 Natalie Gould

Water Heater Maintenance and ProblemsMany years ago, life seemed much simpler – if you wanted hot water, you’d fill up an old metal tub and light a fire under it – simple and cheap! Looking back from this modern age, there seems to be something about that simpler way of life that seems to be missing now. However, removing those rose tinted glasses brings us back to reality, we’d have to say that things are better now though?

Water Heaters

The choices for heating water now seem as though they are endless, and still growing! Whatever type of water heater that you have – gas, electric, single point instant, tank or one of the others that we don’t have the space to list, you should think about how with a little maintenance and care, that heater could serve your water heating needs for years to come.


As with many appliances, having regular maintenance carried out will always help to increase the life of the appliance and keep utility bills at their lowest. It also means that any early signs of problems will be detected and easily fixed – and it should always cost less to repair a minor fix than a full blown disaster.


Any type of tank water heater will always (over time) need a descale – we have seen them over half full of scale in the past. Not only does that effect the water quality, but it also means that your water heater is in-efficient.
You can descale them yourself, but it’s always worth taking professional advice first.

Whatever type of water heater that you have, Reichelt Plumbing can give you professional and unbiased advice as to how to maintain it properly.

To get professional advice from our experts or even just order the plumbing parts that you need, call us at (219) 322-4906 or contact us online.

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