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What’s the Best Toilet Paper for Your Home’s Plumbing?

September 16, 2019 Contractor2020

When shopping for toilet paper, there are more choices than ever before. How do you choose one for your home? Do you have a favorite brand for comfort or do you grab whatever is least expensive at the store? We’re guessing one factor that you haven’t considered is what type of toilet paper is best suited for your plumbing system.

Best Toilet Paper for Your Home

Not all toilet paper is created equal. Some are friendlier to pipes and septic systems than others. In general, the thicker the toilet paper, the longer it will take the material to break down in your plumbing system. This could result in more clogged toilets or pipes. In this article, we’ll cover which type of toilet paper is best, and what type of products you should avoid using.

1-ply versus 2- or 3-ply

One of the biggest factors in determining if your TP is good for your plumbing is the number of plies (or layers) it has.

Single or 1-ply toilet paper is usually the most affordable option per sheet but since it’s thinner you may end up using more sheets each bathroom trip. Companies have started making 1-ply toilet paper that’s stronger and more absorbent than older products. From a plumbing perspective, 1-ply TP is beneficial because it usually dissolves faster than 2-ply products. 

Toilet paper with 2 or 3 layers is usually stronger and softer than 1-ply. Because it’s more absorbent, you may find it’s more comfortable to use and you may need fewer sheets. However, because of the thicker material, multi-ply toilet paper is more likely to get stuck in the toilet trap or pipes. So if you use 2-ply toilet paper and experience frequent clogs in your home, you may want to consider switching to 1-ply.

What not to flush

While the best type of toilet paper may be debatable, one thing that is for sure is that you should never flush any other paper products down the toilet. That includes paper towels toilet wipes that are labeled as “flushable.” These products do not break down in the water like toilet paper does, which can clog or damage your plumbing system. 

Which TP should you use?

Deciding on the best toilet paper for your home can be a personal preference but you shouldn’t ignore the impact it may have on your plumbing. While 2-ply toilet paper offers extra plushness, single-ply usually gives you the best value and is the easiest on your plumbing, which saves you more money in the long run. 

If you experience constant toilet clogs, the toilet paper may not be the prime culprit. To check to see if you have a more significant plumbing issue on your hands, trust the experienced team at Reichelt Plumbing. Call us at (219) 322-4906 to request an appointment.

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