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Radiant Heating System Installation Northwest, IN

Switch to Radiant Heat South Cook County, IL

Radiant heat can often be the first step to having a “green” household. As technology becomes more advanced, and a need for energy conservation grows, building codes often begin to change. These new codes can leave you with heating or plumbing systems that are not only outdated but against codes. Radiant heat technology has expanded allowing for a system that heats your home and water at the same time. These newer systems are easily converted to solar energy by our experienced Northwest Indiana plumbers, which lowers utility costs and helps protect the environment. Let Reichelt help you install a radiant heating system so that you can take that first step towards an environmentally-friendly, energy-efficient home.

Why Choose Radiant Heat?

  • Comfort-Radiant heat comes from the floor up, keeping your feet warm and avoiding those burning smells that come from a normal heater.
  • Energy Efficiency-You can save around 25% on your heating costs.
  • Health-Many people get sick in the winter because heating systems dry out breathing passages making them more vulnerable to the excess bacteria and dust being blown around by the heater. A radiantly heated household suffers from fewer illnesses.
  • Safety for your child-There are no dangerous surfaces, radiators to fall in, or air ducts they can drop toys and other objects in.
  • Convenience-Furniture does not have to be arranged to fit around the system’s placement, nor are there loud noises.
  • Less Costly than other heating systems.
  • Simpler to use.

If you are interested in a radiant heating system, call Reichelt’s expert plumbing technicians at (219) 322-4906 . You may also contact us online.

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