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Common Sump Pump Issues Found in Your Home

April 12, 2018 Contributor

A functioning sump pump is the first line of defense against a flooded home. Whether caused by a leak in your plumbing system or a particularly strong storm, your sump pump should filter out the excess water. On occasion, the system fails to complete this action, though. Something has gone wrong. Determining exactly what the problem is can be a perplexing task. Sometimes it feels overwhelming. Call in a professional!

Clogged Sump Pump

If your sump pump does not have a lid installed, which is becoming quite common, it will accumulate dirt and clog over time. If the unit does not stop entirely, it will operate slowly, to be sure.

A sump pump will clog in several ways:

  • The sump pit has become clogged with dirt, dust, and debris
  • Mechanical parts have become clogged with dirt
  • The float switch is clogged or jammed
  • Switches in cheaper systems tend to jam or become stuck in the “on” position

Frozen or Clogged Discharge Lines

The discharge lines are how your sump pump expels collected water. When the line becomes frozen or clogged, the entire system will cease to work. It’s that simple.

Discharge lines should be cleaned and covered. You want to ensure your discharge lines can perform their duties of transporting water out of the basement and away from your foundation.

How: Ensure the discharge lines cannot freeze and remain clear always. There are attachments available on the market, installed near the front of the line, to help water flow out of the basement, even if the line has frozen.

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