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Have You Checked Your Fire Hydrant Lately?

May 30, 2013 admin

Fire Hydrant InspectionWhether privately or municipally owned, fire hydrants are essential to preserving public safety and welfare. As residential and commercial plumbing experts, the staff at Reichelt Plumbing is familiar with all aspects of fire hydrant inspection and maintenance.

Many external and internal factors can directly impact a fire hydrant performance, including accidental and deliberate damage. This is why National Fire Protection Association standards mandate annual hydrant inspections at least once per year.

Fire Hydrant Inspection Process

At Reichelt, we inspect your fire hydrant thoroughly to ensure that it conforms to all applicable codes and local ordinances and that all major components are ready to perform on an instant’s demand.

Our first task is fully opening the hydrant and allowing it to free flow for at least 60 seconds. After terminating the flow, we observe the draining process to ensure that it is functioning properly. Then we lubricate all hydrant caps, threads, and stems to ascertain their proper operating condition and easy accessibility to local firefighters.

Our Other Services

In addition to basic inspections, we offer the following array of fire hydrant installation, maintenance, and repair services:

  • Water flow tests
  • New installation and hydrant raising due to grade changes
  • Repairs to damaged, frozen, and leaking hydrants
  • Main valve rebuilding
  • Expert post indicator valve (“PIV”) and gate valve repair
  • Site utility construction
  • Cost-efficient maintenance contracts
  • Fire hydrant training and consulting expertise

Delay is Dangerous & Costly

Keeping your fire hydrant in good working order is crucial. The safety of your property depends on having a functional fire hydrant within easy access at all times and in case of fire. If you need new hydrant installation at a construction site or routine maintenance or repairs on an existing hydrant, call our team of professional Tinley Park plumbers today at .

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