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Seeing is Believing: All About Camera Inspections

July 30, 2013 admin

Pipe LeakWhen your home’s plumbing system is not working like it should be, you do not want to have to guess about what the problem is and where it is located. With plumbing camera inspections, our Crown Point plumbers at Reichelt Plumbing can get to the root of the problem with a minimum of mess, time and hassle.

How Camera Inspections Work

Plumbing cameras are attached to a flexible tube. The tube is fed slowly into the plumbing line so the camera can capture images of the situation. The camera has a light mounted onto it so that cracks, tree roots and other problems become evident to the plumber, who views the images from a monitor while in your home or on your property.

The Benefits of a Camera Inspection

There are many benefits to having our experienced plumbers examine your plumbing system with a camera, including:

  • Leak detection. Cameras can find even the smallest of leaks before they get bigger. Finding the leak while it is still small minimizes the extent of damage that could occur.

  • Saves money. With a camera, our crews can pinpoint the exact spot where the problem is within your plumbing. Instead of replacing an entire sewer line and digging up the whole yard, we can concentrate our focus on the area where the problem is located.

  • Documentation. We can record all camera inspections and provide you with a copy of the results.

By arranging for a camera inspection of your plumbing lines, you can be certain about where the issue lies and what the problem is. After the inspection takes place, our Reichelt Plumbing professionals will offer you the opportunity for a plumbing repair if needed. For more information on scheduling a camera inspection of your sewer line, give us a call today at (219) 322-4906.


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