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Why You Need the HALO Water Filtration System in Your Home

December 23, 2016 Contributor

Keeping Water Heater Right Temperature Eliminate BurnsWater filtration systems are nothing new. There are plenty of different types of systems on the market that provide us with clean, healthy and safe drinking water. However, the HALO water filtration system is different from others in that it uses an five step filtration process that removes metals, organics and other harmful contaminants, tastes, or smells.

How It Works

What makes the HALO water filtration system so unique is that it has a magnetic conditioning system that resits and prevents scaling.  The magnet also inhibits corrosion from happening inside and outside of the water heater as well, giving the water flowing throughout the home a fresher taste.

The magnet inside the HALO system uses two positive poles of magnetization that repel each other. What this means, is that instead of the minerals that typically want to come together inside the water heater and aggregate into one form, they actually repel one another leaving a cleaner, long-lasting water heater.

The HALO system also uses aragonite, a carbonate mineral, build-up as a barrier to protect appliances, fixtures and plumbing from the hard water damage that’s typically seen in water heaters.

Why It’s Better

The inhibiting nature of the HALO water filtration system means that water heaters stay cleaner longer. This also means that water heaters with HALO filtration systems require less repairs. With less repairs and clean water, you’ll be saving a lot more money and producing fresh water at a more efficient rate.

So, if you’re looking to save more money, and have better water quality, call one of our very own here at Reichelt (219) 322-4906 or contact us online for more information.

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