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How do Sump Pumps Work?

August 27, 2015 Contributor

How a sump pump worksSump pumps may not officially be the greatest invention that has ever come about in regards to saving your home’s foundation, but that point can surely be argued. Sump pumps save customers so much money in the long run, as these units prevent significant water damage to the crawl space or basement of a home.

What Do They Do?

Sump pumps do exactly what you might think they do. They “pump” away the “sump” that may exist around your home. You see, there is a lot of unwanted water that just tends to be a product of your appliances functioning. With a sump pump, that unwanted water is first pumped from the source to a “sump pit.” This is a collection – a reservoir, if we may – of that water.

The sump pump then pumps that water away from the home, traditionally at least 20 feet away from the foundation. This is a major benefit to your home. If the unwanted water were just to drain right near the outside of your residence, it would seep underground and into your foundation.

This Preventative Unit

A sump pump is preventative. It protects your home’s foundation, basement, and/or crawlspace from water damage. The work of a sump pump seems pretty simple, especially for the huge payoff. Make sure to have the Reichelt Plumbing staff (serving Cook County and Northwest Indiana) to assess your home for a sump pump! (219) 322-4906.

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